We bought our home from Maximum Modular over the internet while we were in Arizona and can't say enough about the service that we received and the quality of the homes.  Everyone was very helpful, and gave us all the information that we needed to start the process that allowed us to be well under way by the time we got back to Canada.  Once we returned, we were able to move into our house within two months.  We would definitely recommend Maximum Modular to anyone who is looking for a great quality home. Ray and Liz Wagner
Gallagher Lake Village Park.


Just would like to say that Raoul and I are more than happy to have dealt with Jim Gardner and staff of MAXIMUM MODULAR CORP.
We were looked after with us in mind not showing it was all about "the money". Honesty and integrity is definitely M/M.
In May of 2011 we purchased our home in Gallagher Lake Village Park and any concerns we may have had to this point have been addressed promptly with a personal kindness as well.
We would recommend dealing through MAXIMUM MODULAR CORP. to anyone and any time. Our ph. # is 778-439-2134 for any further information. PEARL & RAAOUL DE PREZ.


I am writing this e-mail in hopes it will get into the correct hands of management or owner.
A few months ago my Husband and I were considering buying some land and building a modular home.
Since my Husband is busy with work, the planning was put in my hands and I spoke with a few contractors and a few companies before I found your company. These people did not take me seriously as I was female and in my 20's. But your company did!
Richard was beyond fantastic! He took a lot of time, and follow up calls to explain everything I needed to know. I was impressed by not only the quality of the homes, but the quality of his service.
We didn't end up purchasing, as a home came up on the market that we had hoped to get. But, had we still had the plans to build, we would have done it because of Richard and his great service.
It is a wonderful thing to be able to type out a letter regarding a wonderful person, as some companies receive a letter for just the opposite.
You have a great employee! and I know any future clients will feel the same as we do! Thanks,
Sienna Robillard


Basic gift shopping can be a test of marriage, let alone the daunting journey of selecting the right home in the right location for the right price!  Buying a home should be exciting but the homes in my price range were anything but.  That takes us to the beginnings of many emails, phone calls and visits with Richard and the staff team at Maximum Modular.  The team was sincerely excited about helping us, as if they truly empathized how difficult things have become for young families to have adequate housing in such an expensive market.  They helped us into our spacious brand new house which is located exactly where we want it.  Buying our home turned out to be faster, simpler, and more affordable than we imagined possible.  My wife loves it.  My kids love it.  Our guest always go on about how much they love it.  Being I am not forever repairing or fixing up, and I have learned that shopping does not have to be miserable, I am planning on applying some of my savings to things like Christmas and birthdays.  We simply could not be happier with the process and the final product.
Tim Paquette

Tappen, BC